Talbot Express

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1989 Talbot Express 1000P van (15378321141) (cropped).jpg

The Talbot Express van wis the last Talbot motor vehicle tae be selt. Produced as pairt o the Sevel Sud jynt venture atween PSA Peugeot Citroën an Fiat, it wis made in Italy alangside the Fiat Ducato, Peugeot J5 an Citroën C25. Production began in 1986 whan the Talbot badge wis wi'drawn frae passenger caurs.

The Express' main competitor wis the Renault Trafic. Its ingines are transversely mountit; the petrol ane is a Peugeot 504 unit whilst the diesel ane is frae the Citroën CX diesel. Baith are coupled tae a Citroën gearbox.

In 1991, the series 2 Express wis launched wi an enlairged grille but wis disconteenued in 1992 whan Peugeot finally scrappt the Talbot marque.

The Express wis verra faur ben in the UK as a basis for campervan conversions.