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Murad Agha Mosque in Tajura

Tajura (Arabic: تاجوراء‎‎ Tāğūrā’), an aa spelt Tajoura, is a ceety in Libie, in the Tripoli Destrict (Tarabulus Destrict),[1] on the Mediterranean coast fowerteen km east o Tripoli.[2] Tajura wis the center o Libyae's nuclear research, wi a 10 megawatt reactor, built bi the Soviet Union, which came online in 1981.[3]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Ottoman Turks established a base at Tajura in 1531.[4] Unner the command o Khayr al-Din, the site wis selectit for its proximity tae Tripoli which haed come unner the Knights o Maltae in 1530 when Charles V o Spain, as Keeng o Sicily, haed given them Tripoli, Gozo an Malta. Tripoli wis captured in the Siege o Tripoli (1551).

Name[eedit | eedit soorce]

Legend haes it that the ceety is cried "Tajura" acause a lang time ago, a bonnie queen uised tae rule Tajura an her name wis Ura, an she haed a jeweled croun, which wis cried a taj in Arabic. Ane day, this queen lost her taj, an she ordered her fowk tae leuk for it. Her fowk stairtit tae leuk for her taj bi sayin whaur is taj Ura, an they niver foond it, but the ceety wis named efter the searchers' cry: "Tajura". A less whimsical suggestion o oreegin is that the ceety wis cried taj acause it wis like a croun on the bluff abuin the sea.

Frae 2001 tae 2007 Tajura wis in an the caipital o the Tajura Wa Al Nawahi AlArba' Destrict.

Destricts o Tajura[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Shatt al-Sidi Othman (Sidi Othman)
  • Btisp
  • Hamidiya
  • El Atamana
  • Dakhla
  • Rima
  • Jaber Al-Diyar
  • Almchai - Aribat - and the cemetery Sahaabi and Hada title Almchai
  • Market - the middle
  • Goudec
  • Punishment (the headquarters of the commander Uqba)

Main streets o Tajura[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Street Alpshinat,
  • Street Mr. Osman (Sidi Othman)
  • Street children Uraibi
  • Street El Atamana
  • Street afternoons
  • St. deafness
  • Street seven Znq
  • Street Gammoudi
  • Street and Valley Bin Sulaiman
  • Sheik Ali Neffati
  • Coastal Road
  • By Sheikh Abdul Karim Habibi
  • Street Punishment
  • Al Hattab
  • Street Bir Es Sénia
  • Terrace
  • Boys Jaber
  • Alemraonp
  • Blchehr
  • Street children of light
  • Street children of Turkey
  • Alkuatb
  • Alqoadi
  • Alanaasp
  • Children gift
  • Street implant
  • Street Goudec
  • Scalding
  • Street Hamidiya
  • Al Thani
  • Street Gammoudi
  • Street Alnoail
  • Street estate
  • Street seven Znq
  • Ayoub Street
  • Street Reishi
  • Street two sons Barbosh
  • Street Alhamdip
  • Street Aswal

Tajura mosques[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Murad Agha Mosque (the Great)
  • Bilal bin Rabah Mosque (seven Znq)
  • Mosque o Uqba (punishment)
  • Mosque o Sidi Neffati
  • Mosque obstacle
  • Mosque Obojeridp (Btisp)
  • Mosque denominators
  • Mosque o the deaf
  • Mosque minaret
  • El Atamana mosque
  • Mosque Thani
  • Mosque o Sidi Ghanem
  • Musa bin Nasir mosque
  • Mosque o Sidi Othman
  • Mosque o Sidi Omar
  • Gammoudi mosque
  • Alinvavcp mosque
  • Alemraonp mosque
  • Mosque fishin
  • Mosque o annual production
  • Alqoadi mosque
  • Farouq Mosque suburbs
  • Mosque o Sidi Abdul Karim
  • Spaniards, the new mosque
  • Masjid martyrs o Badr
  • Mosque Faouar
  • Goz mosque haraam
  • Mosque o al-Ramla
  • Mosque believers
  • Al-Quds Mosque
  • Farouq Mosque (guid)
  • Al-Nasr mosque (industrial complex)
  • Mosque o Sidi-Khalifa
  • Mosque Asma bint Abi Bakr
  • Mosque Cares
  • Mosque vegetables
  • Mosque draw
  • Mosque o Ali bin Abi Talib
  • Alncia mosque
  • Turkis mosque well
  • Lecturer Atawaita mosque
  • Algevinp mosque
  • Al-Nasr mosque (the project)
  • Bilal bin Rabah Mosque
  • Mosque of Ja'far ibn Abi Talib
  • Mosque of the world
  • Mosque of the world well
  • Mosque of Abu ibn Ka'b
  • Mosque of Omar bin al-Khattab (Albivuo)
  • Mosque of Ibn Khaldun
  • Mosque alienation
  • Mosque of Sidi AD
  • A mosque and Rima
  • Mosque months
  • Mosque Emmerich
  • Mosque of Sidi Lakhdar
  • Reishi mosque
  • Mosque of Sidi Ali Grasshopper

Tourism in Tajura[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Tajura tourist veelage
  • Veelage o Sidi al-Andalus.
  • Veelage Heroj

Tajura Sports Centre[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Club editorial
  • Club Abe months
  • Club Hamidiya

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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