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Freguesia de Nossa Senhora do Carmo


Oor Lady o Carmel Pairish
Macau Internaitional Airport
Macau Internaitional Airport
Oor Lady o Carmel Pairish in Macau
Oor Lady o Carmel Pairish in Macau
KintraMacau, Cheenae
RegionMunicipality o the Islands
Time zoneUTC+8 (Macau Staundart)
Area code(s)0
Taipa Island
Chinese name
JyutpingTam5 Zai2 Dou2
Portuguese name
PortugueseIlha da Taipa
Oor Lady o Carmel Pairish
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese嘉模堂區
Simplified Chinese嘉模堂区
JyutpingGaa1 Mou4 Tong4 Koe1
Portuguese name
PortugueseFreguesia de Nossa Senhora do Carmo

Taipa is the smawer o the twa islands in the Cheenese special admeenistrative region o Macau. The island is representit bi Oor Lady o Carmel Pairish, which is namit for Oor Lady o Carmel Kirk on the island.

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Taipa is 2.5 kilometre (1.6 mi) frae Macau Peninsulae an east o the Lesser Hengqin Island o Zhuhai, Guangdong Province. Macau Internaitional Airport, Varsity o Macau, Macau Jockey Club an Macau Stadium are situatit in Taipa.

Maist Cheenese dounset o Taipa occurred durin the Soothren Song Dynasty, while the Portuguese occupeed the island in 1851. Prior tae laund reclamation, Taipa consistit o twa islands: Greater Taipa an Lesser Taipa.

The 159.1 metre (522 ft) Big Taipa Hill (大氹山) is tae the east, an Small Taipa Hill (小氹山) tae the wast. Central Taipa is a plain as a result o siltation an laund reclamation. Initially Taipa wis connectit tae Coloane Island anerlie bi the Estrada do Istmo (路氹連貫公路); but the aurie cried Cotai, built on reclaimit laund frae 2004 an which is hame tae mega-resorts, casinos, an convention an exhibition centers, haes nou essentially connectit the twa islands intae ane piece o laund. Taipa is connectit tae peninsular Macau bi Governador Nobre de Carvalho Brig, Friendship Bridge an the Sai Van Brig.

Taipa is predominantly a growin residential aurie wi mony new apairtment complexes, maistly up-scale, unner construction as o 2006. As a new toun o Macau, Taipa haes better ceety planning than Macau Peninsula; housomeivver, mony fowk chuise tae live in Macau Peninsula syne maist o the famous schuils are locatit thare.

The names o Taipa[eedit | eedit soorce]

In Cantonese, Taipa haes been kent bi mony names ower time, includin 龍環 (Lung Waan, meanin "Draigon Ring"), 雞頸 (Gai Geng, "Chicken's neck"), 潭仔 (Tam Tsai, "Puil"), an 龍頭環 (Lung Tau Waan, "Draigon's-Heid Ring").

The Portuguese an Inglis name "Taipa" comes frae the Cheenese pronunciation o 氹仔 in Min Nan /tiap-á/ (similar tae "tiamp-a") then became "Taipa". The putonghua pinyin for 氹仔 is dàngzǎi, an this is hou the island is referred tae in Mandarin. Baith the character 氹 an the alternative form 凼 mean cesspit, but are obsolete in modren Cheenese, an anerlie uised in relation tae Taipa an the Macau-Taipa Brig (澳氹大桥 àodàng dàqiáo). The character , or , is aften missin frae mobile phone an computer input systems.

Another version accordin tae legend, comes frae an exchynge atween early Portuguese settlers on Taipa an local Cheenese settlers. The Portuguese askit the Cheenese the name (nome in Portuguese) o the place. The Cheenese settlers wur local grocery shopkeepers an spoke nae Portuguese, but teuk the Portuguese nome for the Cheenese 糯米, "sticky rice", which is pronouncit similar tae nome in Cantonese. Thinkin the Portuguese settlers wur askin if they sauld sticky rice, the Cheenese respondit wi "大把," pronooncit "daai ba" in Cantonese, meanin "a lot." The Portuguese, hearin the response, teuk this tae be the name o the place. Thare is, housomeivver, nae historical evidence tae support this story. "Taipa" is wha the Portuguese caw the clay-mud an aw, rammit intae moulds, uised tae build mud hooses in Portugal in times gane bi, in recent times referred tae as Rammit Yird.

It is wirth notin that an aw, as the great majority o the population in Taipa an Macau is Cheenese, maist fowk refer tae this island bi its Cantonese name, "Tamzai", an maist taxi drivers an bus drivers will no unnerstaund if askit hou tae go tae "Taipa."

Tourism[eedit | eedit soorce]

Nicht view o the Auld brig
Ponte de Amizade an the HK-Macau Ferry Terminal
  • Pou Tai Un Temple (菩提園 or 菩提襌院): namit efter bodhi tree
  • Small Kun Yam Temple (觀音岩)
  • Tin Hau Temple (天后宮)
  • Sam Po Temple (三婆廟): dedicatit tae the elder sister o Tin Hau
  • Pak Tai Temple (北帝廟): dedicatit tae the Taoist God o the North
  • Fower-facit Buddha (四面佛): purchased frae Thailand in 1985
  • Kirk o Oor Lady o Carmel (嘉模聖母教堂): Catholic, Taipa belangs tae the Nossa Senhora do Carmo Pairish (聖嘉模堂區).

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Coordinates: 22°9′35″N 113°33′34″E / 22.15972°N 113.55944°E / 22.15972; 113.55944

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