Taichang Emperor

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Taichang Emperor
14th Emperor o the Ming dynasty
Ring28 August 1620 – 26 September 1620
Coronation28 August 1620
PredecessorWanli Emperor
SuccessorTianqi Emperor
Born28 August 1582(1582-08-28)
Dee'd26 September 1620(1620-09-26) (aged 38)
BuirialQingling, Ming Dynasty Tombs, Beijing
SpouseEmpress Xiaoyuanzhen (d.1614)
Empress Dowager Xiaohe (d.1619)
Empress Dowager Xiaochun (d.1615)
Issue7 sons an 4 dauchters
Full name
Faimily name: Zhu (朱)
Gien name: Changluo (常洛)
Era name and dates
Taichang (泰昌): 28 August 1620[1] – 21 Januar 1621
Posthumous name
Emperor Chongtian Qidao Yingrui Gongchun Xianwen Jingwu Yuanren Yixiao Zhen
Temple name
Ming Guangzong
FaitherWanli Emperor
MitherEmpress Dowager Xiaojing

The Taichang Emperor[2] (Cheenese: 泰昌; pinyin: Tàichāng; 28 August 1582 – 26 September 1620), personal name Zhu Changluo (Cheenese: 朱常洛), wis the fowerteent emperor o the Ming dynasty o Cheenae.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The Taichang era shoud hae stairtit on 22 Januar 1621; houiver, the emperor dee'd afore the stairt o his era. His era name means "Great guidness" or "Great prosperity". He wis succeedit bi his son the Tianqi Emperor, an accordin tae the law the Tianqi era wis nou scheduled tae stairt on 22 Januar 1621, sae that the Taichang era wad niver exist in practice. In order tae honour his faither, the new emperor decidit that the Wanli era wad be conseedert endit syne 27 August 1620, the last day o the 7t month in the Cheenese calendar. The period frae 28 August 1620 (1st day o the 8t month, that wis the day on that Taichang haed ascendit the throne) till 21 Januar 1621 wad acome the Taichang era, enablin this era tae be applee'd for a few months. Sicweys, quite an extraordinary situation resultit frae this chyce: the 7t month o the 48t year o the Wanli era wis follaeed bi the 8t month o the 1st year o the Taichang era (the 1st year o the Taichang era, in fact the anerly year o the Taichang era, lacks its first seiven months), then the 12t month o the 1st year o the Taichang era wis tae be follaed bi the 1st month o the 1st year o the Tianqi era.
  2. Cheenese emperors are commonly kent bi their era name, sic as Taichang in this instance. This stemmed frae the Cheenese practice (up tae the Republican era) o referrin tae the calendar year efter the emperor's ring. Houiver, acause the Taichang Emperor's ring wis sae short, the Taichang era acame lost atween "48t year o the Wanli era" (1620) an "1st year o the Taichang era" (1621). Seicontly, the ringin emperor's era name wis uisually inscrived on newly mintit capper siller an as na coinage wi Taichang era name wis mintit while the Taichang Emperor wis alive. Aw Ming dynasty cunyies bearin the merkin "Taichang" war mintit in the ring o the Taichang Emperor's son, the Tianqi Emperor. Thus "Taichang" is an aa kent as the "emperor withoot an era name", an commonly referred tae bi his temple name "Ming Guangzong" (明光宗).