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LocationPacific Ocean
Coordinates17°40′S 149°25′W / 17.667°S 149.417°W / -17.667; -149.417Coordinates: 17°40′S 149°25′W / 17.667°S 149.417°W / -17.667; -149.417
AirchipelagaeSociety Islands
Major islandsTahiti
Aurie1,045 km2 (403 sq mi)
Heichest elevation2,241 m (7,352 ft)
Heichest pointMou'a 'Orohena
Owerseas collectivityFrench Polynesie
Lairgest settlementFa'a'ā[1] (pop. 29,851 urban)
Population183,645[2] (August 2012 census)
Pop. density176 /km2 (456 /sq mi)
Ethnic groupsTahitians

Tahiti is the lairgest island in the Windward group o French Polynesie; an owerseas collectivity o the French Republic, sometimes referred tae as an owerseas kintra.[3]

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