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Tacloban Ceety
Syudad han Tacloban
Lungsod ng Tacloban
Heichly urbanized Ceety
Skyline of Tacloban Ceety
Cairt o Leyte wi Tacloban heichlichtit
Cairt o Leyte wi Tacloban heichlichtit
Tacloban Ceety is locatit in Philippines
Tacloban Ceety
Tacloban Ceety
Location within the Philippines
Coordinates: 11°15′N 125°00′E / 11.250°N 125.000°E / 11.250; 125.000Coordinates: 11°15′N 125°00′E / 11.250°N 125.000°E / 11.250; 125.000
Kintra Philippines
Region Eastren Visayas (Region VIII)
Province Leyte (geografically anly)
Destrict 1st Destrict o Leyte
Established ca. 1770
Caipital o the Province Februar 26, 1830
Chairtered ceety Juin 12, 1953[1]
Heichly urbanized ceety 18 Dizember 2008[2]
Barangays 138 (see § Barangays)
 • Teep Strang mayor-cooncil
 • Mayor Alfred S.Romualdez nephew of Madame Imelda R. Marcos
 • Vice Mayor Jerry T.Yaokasin
 • Total 201.72 km2 (77.88 sq mi)
Heichest elevation 21 m (69 ft)
Lawest elevation 2 m (7 ft)
Population (2010)[4]
 • Tot 221,174
 • Density 1,100/km2 (2,800/sq mi)
Demonym(s) Taclobanon
Time zone PST (UTC+8)
ZIP code 6500
IDD/Area code +63 (0)53
Wabsteid tacloban.gov.ph

Tacloban (Waray-Waray: Syudad han Tacloban, Tagalog an Filipino: Lungsod ng Tacloban) offeecially the Ceety o Tacloban, is the caipital o the Philippine province o Leyte.[5] It is approximately 360 miles (580 km) sootheast o Manila. It wis the first ceety in Region VIII tae acome a "Heichly Urbanized Ceety" an is the lairgest ceety in terms o population in Eastren Visayas.[6] Tacloban wis briefly the capital o the Philippines, frae 20 October 1944 tae Februar 27, 1945.

In an extensive survey conductit bi the Asian Institute o Management Policy Center an released in Julie 2010, Tacloban Ceety wis ranked amang the tap ten maist competitive ceeties in the Philippines. Tacloban ranked fift oweraw, an seicont in the emergin ceeties category.[7]

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