Table tennis

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Table tennis
Mondial Ping - Men's Singles - Round 4 - Kenta Matsudaira-Vladimir Samsonov - 57.jpg
Table tennis at the heichest level
Heichest govrenin body ITTF
Contact No
Team members Single or doobles
Categorization Racquet sport, induir
Equipment Poly, 40 mm (1.57 in),
2.7 g (0.095 oz)
Olympic syne 1988
Paralympic syne inaugural 1960 Simmer Paralympics

Table tennis, an aa kent as ping pong, is a sport in which twa or fower players hit a lichtwecht baw back an forth athort a table uisin a smaw paddle. The gemme taks place on a haurd table dividit bi a net. Except for the ineetial serve, the rules are generally as follaes: players must allae a baw played taewart them tae bounce ane time on thair side o the table, an must return it sae that it boonces on the opposite side at least ance. A pynt is scored when a player fails tae return the baw within the rules. Play is fast an demands quick reactions. Spinnin the baw alters its trajectory an leemits an opponent's options, giein the hitter a great advantage.