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A 2TE10 set makin a lotta smoke

TE10 (Roushie: ТЭ10) is a Soviet-Ukrainian diesel-electric locomotive. The name o this locomotive (ТЭ10) is frae тепловоз с электрической передачей, тип 10, which translate tae "diesel-electric locomotive type 10." Thay war made in single-unit form (TE10) an twa-unit form (2TE10). Thare war an aa three-unit an fower-unit versions (3TE10 an 4TE10).

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1957–1961, the Kharkov plant "Electrotyazhmash" an Malyshev Factory designed a new single-unit locomotive wi 50% mair power than a single TE3 unit an anly a slichtly greater mass. The result wis the TEP10 an TEP10L designs. Efter 1961, work on the freight version o the design wis assigned tae the Lugansk works. Thir designs received the suffix "L" tae the name tae signify the transfer.

The first locomotive o the new design, designated TE10-001 (Kharkov), wis released in November 1958.

Anly smaw nummers o the TEP variant o the design war produced afore the design became a dedicated freight locomotive, while a passenger version wis nae further developed.

Ingines[eedit | eedit soorce]

Cutaway 2D100 ingine. The 10D100 wis derived frae this

Initial prototypes uised the 12 cylinder 9D100 opposed piston twa-stroke diesel ingine tae achieve the required power levels.

This wis based on the Kharkov 10 cylinder 2D100 twa-stroke diesel unit. Houiver problems war encountered an anither variant o the 2D100 wis uised, the 10D100, anither 10 cylinder twa-stroke diesel design. Aw derivatives o the TE10 locomotive biggit as new uised this ingine.[1]

Body[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ane o the innovations in Soviet locomotive factories wis semi-monocoque construction - the principle o whole body supporting structur (what the US wad caw a carbody structur). This haed previously been uised anly bi the Czechoslovakian CHS1 electric locomotives an the Riga ER1 electric train. The body o the locomotive wis based on twa three-axle trucks lik the TE3 predecessor.

Wi much less wecht than the twa-unit locomotive TE3, a single TE10 diesel locomotive coud successfully replace a pair o TE3s.

Derivative designs[eedit | eedit soorce]

This single unit design formed the basis for a faimily o locomotives that wis biggit for ower 30 years an ranged frae single unit passenger locomotives TEP10 throu twa an three unit freight locomotives 2TE10 3TE10 tae fower unit very hivy freight 4TE10U ingines.[2]

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