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Symbian logo
Symbian Foundation logo
Hame screen o Nokia Belle OS Feature Pack 2
Hame Screen o Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 (Last version o Symbian)
Company / developerSymbian Ltd. (1998–2008)
Symbian Foundation (2008–11)
Nokia (2010–11)
Accenture on behauf o Nokia (2011–13)[1]
Written inC++[2]
OS faimilyRTOS
Wirkin stateDiscontinued
Soorce modelClosed soorce,[3] previously open source (2010–11)
Initial release5 Juin 1997; 22 years ago (1997-06-05) (as EPOC32)
Latest releaseNokia Belle Feature Pack 2 / 2 October 2012
Available inMulti-lingual
Update method65
Package managerOpera Store, .sis, .sisx, .jad, .jar
PlatformsARM, x86[4]
Kernel typeReal-time microkernel, EKA2
Default uiser interfaceS60 (frae 2009)
LicenseProprietary,[5] previously licensed under EPL
Offeecial (defunct as o Mey 2014), (defunct as o 2009–10)

Symbian was a mobile operatin seestem (OS) an computin platform designed for smairtphones.[6]

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