Sylvia Pasquel

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Sylvia Pasquel
BornSilvia Banquells Pinal
(1949-10-13) 13 October 1949 (age 73)
Mexico City, Mexico
PawrentsRafael Banquells
Silvia Pinal

Sylvia Pasquel (born Silvia Banquells Pinal; 13 October 1949) is a Mexican actress.

Faimily[eedit | eedit soorce]

Pasquel wis born intae a shaw business faimily: her faither, Rafael Banquells, wis a famous Cuban-born actor an director. Her mither is Silvia Pinal, an actress very well kent throuoot Laitin Americae an Spain. She chose the profeesional surname of "Pasquel" as a combination o her faither's an mither's surnames.

Pasquel's siblins are famous an aw: her siblins on mither's side are actresses Viridiana Alatriste, sangster Alejandra Guzmán an Luis Enrique Guzmán Pinal. Baith Alejandra an Luis Enrique wur a product o Pasquel's mither's third marriage tae Mexican ance teen idol Enrique Guzmán. Viridiana dee'd as a consequence o a caur accident.

She is a hauf-sister o the actress an sangster Rocío Banquells. Rocío is the dochter o Pasquel's faither wi his third wife, actress Dina de Marco. Her ither siblins on her faither's side are Janette, Mary Paz, Ariadne an Rafael II. In a interview, Pasquel said that acause o the age difference atween hersel an her siblins, she wis mair mitherly tae thaim than sisterly.

Pasquel haes been marriet twice, the first time at age 16 acause her mither wantit her tae be marriet as a virgin. Her first husband wis the rocker Mike Salas. Her dochter, Stephanie Salas, is a famous telenovela actress an a aspirin sangster in Mexico an aw. Her granddochter, Michelle Salas, is Luis Miguel's dochter.

Her seicont husband is Fernando Frade. Thair dochter, named Viridiana (in honour o her deid sister) dee'd in a accident in a puil in 1987.

Pasquel, her mither, an twa o her o sisters—Banquells an Guzman—hae been inductit intae the Paseo de las Luminarias in Mexico Ceety. Pasquel wis inductit for her wirk in movies an telly.

Career[eedit | eedit soorce]

1960s[eedit | eedit soorce]

At the age o nineteen, Pasquel did her first movie, El Despertar del Lobo (The Wouf's Awakenin). That movie wis made in 1968, the year in which Pasquel became vera famous in Mexico. She follaeed her first film wi her telenovela debut, in Los Inconformes (The Nanconformists).

In 1969, she teuk pairt in a movie aboot warstlin, starrin alangside Santo an his warstlin enemy, Blue Demon, in Santo Contra Blue Demon en la Atlantida (Santo versus Blue Demon at the Atlantida). She appeared in twa ither films in 1969 an aw, Una Mujer Honesta (An Honest Wumman) an La Casa del Farol Rojo (The Redlicht Hoose).

1970s[eedit | eedit soorce]

The decade o the 1970s wis a vera busy ane for Pasquel, as she starred in multiple films, soap operas, an even in magazine soaps, which wur popular in Laitin Americae then. In 1970, she starred in Me he de comer esa tuna (I Shall Eat That Prickly Pear), La Cruz de Mariza Cruzes (Mariza Cruzes' Cross) an in El Mariachi, the anerly telenovela she did that year.

In 1971, she played "Gianna Donatti" in the telenovela Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse (Italian Girl Comes tae Get Married) wi Angélica María. That soap opera wis a major hit, an Pasquel follaeed her wirk thare wi anither telenovela, La Recogida (The Step-Daughter). Her ane movie in 1971 wis Secreto de Confesion (Confession Secret). 1972 pruivit tae be a relatively easy year for Pasquel, whose fame haed awready spread tae the rest o Laitin Americae an amang Hispanics in the Unitit States. She pairticipatit in anerly ane movie an nae soap operas. Her movie that year wis namit Cinco Mil Dolares de Recompensa (Five Thoosan Dollars Rewaird).

She pairticipatit alangside Chabelo, a vera popular childer's actor o the era, in 1973's Chabelo y Pepito contra los Monstruos (Chabelo an Pepito Against the Monsters). This wis followed bi anither telenovela, El Amor Tiene Cara de Mujer (Love has a Woman's Face). She finished 1973 playin "Maritza" in "Mi Rival" (My Rival).

Pasquel did twa soap operas in 1974, each o which pruivit tae be important in her career: in Ha LLegado una Intrusa (A Intruder haes Arrivit, remade durin the 1990s as La Usurpadora), she played twa roles in the same drama for the first time in her career, actin as twins "Veronina an Hilda Moreno". Mundo de Juguete (Toy Warld), meanwhile, became ane o the maist successfu Mexican telenovelas o the era.

Efter El Milagro de Vivir (The Miracle o Livin), a 1975 soap opera, Pasquel began slowin her on screen wirk rate, an she teuk 1976 aff tae return in 1977, wi anither soap opera, namit Humillados y Ofendidos (Humiliated an Offended). Ance again, she teuk a full year aff the screens in 1978 an returned in 1979 wi a movie namit Johnny Chicano an a soap namit J.J. Juez.

1980s[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bi the 1980s, Pasquel wis awready a faimily wumman, a fact which contributit tae a further slowdoun o her screen career. She pairticipatit in 1980's Al Rojo Vivo (loosely translatit tae Very Red), in 1982's El Amor Nunca Muere (Luve Niver Dees), 1983's Cuando los Hijos se Van (When Childer Leave), an 1987's Los Años Perdidos (The Lost Years).

She teuk aff three mair years efter that, returnin in 1990 tae pairticipate in ane episode o the popular telly shaw, Mujer, Casos de la Vida Real, which is hostit bi her mither. The chapter she appeared in wis based on a real life story o a rape victim. Suin efter, she made anither telenovela, Dias sin Luna (Days Athoot a Moon). Her return tae soap operas wis follaeed bi her return tae film, wi twa movies made in 1991: Politico por Error (Politeecian bi Mistak) an Asalto (Robbery).

1990s[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1990, a teen-orientit soap opera, Alcanzar una estrella (Reachin a Starn), wi Eduardo Capetillo, haed acome a major hit on Mexican telly. Pasquel actit in that production's 1991 sequel, Alcanzar una estrella II, whaur she actit alangside Capetillo, Sasha Sokol an a buddin Puerto Rican starn namit Ricky Martin.

She follaeed that wi 1993's Las Secretas Intenciones (Secret Intentions). an 1995's comedy film El Superman....Dilon Dos (The Super....lacy ane, Pairt Twa). In 1996, she pairticipatit in Para Toda la Vida (Foriver), which wis anither telenovela. She returned ance again in 1998's Huracan, whaur she played "Caridad".

2000s[eedit | eedit soorce]

She starred as "Zulema" in 2000's Mi Destino Eres Tu (You Are My Destiny).

In 2001, she piarticipatit in anither major Mexican telenovela hit, El Manantial (The Cascade). That same year, she wirkit as "Silvia" in Aventuras en el Tiempo (Time Adventures). Durin 2002, she pairticipatit in a vera lairge nummer o episodes o Mujer, Casos de la Vida Real.

She pairticipatit, as o 2005, in the Mexican soap opera Amarte es mi Pecado (My Sin is Loving You) an an, an as o 2008, in the soap opera Yo amo a Juan Querendón.

On stage, Pasquel hae a great success in 1979 in the play Claudia me quieren volver loco.

2010s[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 2013, Pasquel signed tae starn in Qué pobres tan ricos frae the hit producer of Por Ella Soy Eva, Rosy Ocampo.

Filmografie (Selectit)[eedit | eedit soorce]

Films[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Santo contra los monstruos de la Atlantida (1964)
  • Chabelo y Pepito contra los monstruos (1968)
  • Secreto de Confesion (1970)
  • El Superman..Dilon (1993)

Telly[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • La Cruz de Marissa Cruces (1966)
  • Muchacha italiana viene a casarse (1972)
  • Ha llegado una intrusa (1974)
  • Al Rojo Vivo (1980)
  • El amor nunca muere (1983)
  • Dias sin luna (1989)
  • Alcanzar una Estrella II: Muñecos de Papel (1991)
  • Las Secretas Intenciones (1993)
  • Para toda la vida (1995)
  • Huracan (1998)
  • Mi destino eres tu (2000)
  • El manantial (2001)
  • Amarte es mi pecado (2003)
  • Yo amo a Juan Querendon (2007)
  • Mujeres Asesinas (2011, unreleased)
  • Tú, Mi Riqueza (2013)

Stage[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Grease (Mexican version, 1972)
  • Sugar (1975)
  • Claudia: Me quieren volver loco (1979)
  • Mas bueno que el pan (2008)
  • Entre Mujeres (2009)

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