Swissair Flicht 111

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Swissair Flicht 111
28as - Swissair MD-11; HB-IWF@ZRH;14.07.1998 (4713082874).jpg
HB-IWF, the aircraft involved in the accident, seen at Zurich Airport in Julie 1998, twa months afore the crash occurred.
Date2 September 1998
SummaryIn-flicht fire, leadin tae electrical an instrument failyie, causin spatial disorientaition an loss o control[1]:253–254
SteidAtlantic Ocean, near St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia, Canadae
Aircraft typeMcDonnell Douglas MD-11
Aircraft nameVaud
Flicht oreeginJohn F. Kennedy Int'l Airport
New York Ceety, Unitit States
DestinationCointrin Internaitional Airport
Geneva, Swisserland

Swissair Flicht 111 (IATA: SR111, ICAO: SWR111) wis a scheduled internaitional passenger flicht frae New York City, Unitit States, tae Geneva, Swisserland. This flicht wis an aa a codeshare flicht wi Delta Air Lines. On 2 September 1998, the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 performin this flicht, registration HB-IWF, crashed intae the Atlantic Ocean soothwast o Halifax Internaitional Airport at the entrance tae St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia.

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