Swadish Airmed Forces

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Swadish Airmed Forces
Coat of Arms of the Swedish Armed Forces
Coat o Airms o the Swadish Airmed Forces.
War flag of Sweden
War banner an Naval Ensign o Sweden
Foondit1521; 499 years ago (1521)
Current furm1975
Service branchesCoat o Airms o the Swadish Airmy Swadish Airmy
Coat of Arms of the Swedish Air Force Swadish Air Force
Coat of Arms of the Swedish Navy Swadish Navy
Coat of Arms of the Home Guard Hame Gaird
Commander-in-ChiefGovrenment o Sweden
(Löfven II Cabinet)
Meenister o DefencePeter Hultqvist
Supreme CommanderGeneral Micael Bydén
Militar age16–70 years old[1]
Available for
militar service
3,020,782 males, age 18–47 (2017 est.),
2,760,451 females, age 18–47 (2017 est.)
Fit for
militar service
4,980,592 males, age 18–47 (2017 est.),
1,649,875 females, age 18–47 (2017 est.)
Reachin militar
age annually
58,937 males (2017 est.),
56,225 females (2017 est.)
Active personnel22,500[5]
Reserve personnel34,500 Reservists
BudgetSEK 59.4 billion (~€5.68 billion) (2019)[6]
Percent o GDP1% (2017)[7]
Domestic suppliersBAE Systems AB
Saab Bofors Dynamics
Saab AB
Relatit airticles
HistoryMilitar history o Sweden
RanksMilitar ranks o the Swadish Airmed Forces

The Swedish Armed Forces (Swadish: Försvarsmakten, literally “the Defense Force”) is the govrenment agency that forms the militar forces o Swaden, an which is tasked wi defence o the kintra, as weel as promotin Swaden's wider interests, supportin internaitional peacekeeping efforts, an providin humanitarian aid. It conseest o: the Swadish Airmy, the Swadish Air Force an the Swadish Navy, wi addition o a militar reserve force, the Hame Gaird. Syne 1994, aw the Swadish airmed services are organised within a single unifeed govrenment agency, heidit bi the Supreme Commander, even thou the individual services maintain thair distinct identities. Keeng Carl XVI Gustaf o Sweden is tradeetionally conseedert Honorary General an Admiral à la suite.[8]

The Swadish Airmed Forces conseest o a mix o volunteers an conscripts (gender-neutral conscription wis introduced in 2017). Aboot 4,000 men an weemen are cried up for service every year.[9]

Units frae the Swadish Airmed Forces are currently on deployment in seiveral internaitional operations aither actively or as militar observers, includin Afghanistan as pairt o the Resolute Support Mission an in Kosovo (as pairt o Kosovo Force).[10] Moreover, Swadish Airmed Forces contreibute as the lead naition for an EU Battle Group approximately once every three years through the Nordic Battlegroup. Swaden haes close relations wi NATO an NATO members, an pairticeepate in training exercises like the Admiral Pitka Recon Challenge, an Exercise Trident Juncture 2018. Swaden awso haes a strang cooperation wi its closest allees o the Nordic kintras bein pairt o the Nordic Defence Cooperation NORDEFCO an jynt exercises sic as the exercise Northren Wind 2019. In tot, anoot 10,000 fowk pairticeepate in Northren Wind, o which approximately 7,000 come frae prioritised cooperation naitions: Finland, Norawa, the US and the UK.[citation needit]

Swaden haes nae pairticeepate in an offeecially declared war syne the 1814 Swadish–Norse War, awtho e.g. Swadish aircraft tuik pairt in the NATO-led 2011 militar intervention in Libie. Swadish foreign policy haes managed tae keep Swaden oot o war through a policy o neutrality.

Swaden awso provides information tae its citizens in case o an emergency bein pairt o the concept o tot defence wi pamphlets bein sent hame tae aw hoosehauds. The publication contains information aboot hou tae act in a seetuation o naitional creesis an maist notably, nuclear war. The pamphlets (titled "If the war comes") wur distributit tae aw hoosehauds frae 1943 tae 1961; aifter 1961 some o the information frae the pamphlet wis printit in every phone buik until 1991, the end o the Cauld War. In 2018 the pamphlet wis renewed an distributit unner the title "If the creesis or the war comes" (Swadish: Om krisen eller kriget kommer). The new pamphlet includes the weel-kent quote frae the aulder ones (in case o enemy invasion): "Every statement that the resistance haes ceased is false. Resistance shall be made aw the time an in every situation. It depends on You - Your efforts, Your determination, Your will tae survive."[11]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Aifter a period o enhanced readiness durin Warld War I, the Swadish Airmed Forces wur subject tae severe dounsizin durin the interwar years. When Warld War II stairtit, a lairge reairmament programme wis launched tae once again gaird Swadish neutrality, relyin on mass conscription tae fill the ranks.

Aifter Warld War II, Swaden conseedert biggin nuclear wappens tae deter a Soviet invasion. Frae 1945 tae 1972 the Swadish govrenment ran a clandestine nuclear wappens programme unner the guise o ceevilian defense research at the Swadish Naitional Defence Research Institute. Bi the late 1950s the wirk haed reached the pynt wur unnergrund testin wis feasible. Houaniver, at this time the Riksdag prohibitit research an development o nuclear wappens, pledgin that research shaud be done anelie for the purpose o defence against nuclear attack. Thay reserved the richt tae continue development o nuclear wappens in the futur. The option tae continue development o wappens wis abandoned in 1966, an Swaden's subsequent signing o the Non-Proliferation Treaty in 1968 Bygane the wind-doun o the program, which finally concludit in 1972.

During the Cauld War, the wartime mass conscription seestem wis kept in place tae act as a deterrent tae the Soviet Union, seen as the greatest militar threat tae Swaden. The end o the Cauld War an the collapse o the Soviet Union meant that the perceivit threat lessened an the airmed forces were dounsized, wi conscription takin in less an less recruits until it wis deactivatit in 2010 (an then reactivatit in 2017).

After twenty years of cooperation with NATO, stairtim wi the Pairtnership for Peace back in 1994, Swaden wis ane o five pairtners grantit enhancit opportunities for dialogue an cooperation at the Wales Summit in 2014. The status o Enhanced Opportunities Pairtner providit a platform for developin a mair flexible an individualised relationship, in addition tae ither pairtner formats. It coincidit wi Roushie's illegal annexation o Crimea an militar intervention in Eastren Ukraine, an awso wi NATO defence bill for 2016-2020. Baith the need tae review NATO's ain defense policy an the dramatic signal that a European kintra wis prepared tae violate the existin security order uisin militar micht, gave momentum tae the new pairtner platform. Conscription wis reintroducit in 2017 tae supplement the insufficient nummee o volunteers signin up for service.

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