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The Suzuki Esteem is an export nameplate fur the Suzuki Cultus Crescent — mercatit in Europe, Australia an mony Asian kintras as the Suzuki Baleno forby — manufactured by Suzuki Motor Corporation. In Indie hit wis manufactured by Maruti Suzuki an selt as the Maruti Baleno.

1995-98 Suzuki Esteem sedan (North American)

The Esteem wis introduced in the global mercat in the first hauf o 1995 as Suzuki's first ettle in the compact reenge, at the time maunt by European motors sic as the Volkswagen Golf an Opel Astra, an Japanese models sic as the Nissan Sunny/Sentra an Toyota Corolla. As a North American retour fur the Suzuki Swift saloon (the 3-door hatchback remeened effer hit wis redesignt in 1995), hit wis biggit on a slicht streekit Suzuki Cultus platform fur impruived caibin room, bit itherweys skarin maist o the inner components wi the smawer model — an mercatit as a clear model.

The Esteem/Baleno wis erest available as a 3-door hatchback an 4-door saloon, wi 1.3 L (hatch ainly) an 1.6 L ingines, wi pouer reengin fae 85 tae 99 PS (63 tae 73 kW; 84 tae 98 hp). In 1996, the lineup wist stendit wi the Esteem Wagon (Baleno Break in maist European mercats an Baleno Altura in Indie), Suzuki's formaist station wagon, an wi the same 1.6 L, wi an optional 4WD in the the muckler body teeps.

Suzuki restyled the Esteem/Baleno in 1999. The motor wis gied a new front end, wi a roonder brander an new heidlichts, an the ingine lineup wis wauxt tae include Suzuki's J18A cheen-driven DOHC thit wis fittit tae the saloon and wagon. In North Americae, the Esteem 1.8 Station Wagon completely retoured the Esteem 1.6, bit in maist mreacts the 1.8 saloon becam the sports model. In some European mercats, the 1.8 L I4 wis instawed in the hatchback an selt as the leemitit eedition Baleno GTi. Europe Diesel version, wi a 75 PS (55 kW; 74 hp) XUD ingine bait by Peugeot.

The Esteem/Baleno wis retoured in maist mercats by the new Aerio/Liana, whilk wis lencht in 2001. Hit wis pullt fae the mercat in Europe an North Americae in 2002, efter a year o owerlappin. The motor remeened available in mony developin kintras, includin Indie and Sootheast Asie, whaur hit wis selt til 2007, whan production stappit at the factory, wi the assembly line giein wey tae the SX4 Saloon.

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