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شوش (in Persie)
Royal City and Acropolis Tepes.jpg
Tepe o the Ryal ceety (left) an o the Acropolis (richt), seen frae the Hill moond o the Apadana in Susa.
Susa is locatit in Iran
Shawn within Iran
Location Shush, Khuzestan Province, Iran
Region Zagros Moontains
Coordinates 32°11′26″N 48°15′28″E / 32.19056°N 48.25778°E / 32.19056; 48.25778Coordinates: 32°11′26″N 48°15′28″E / 32.19056°N 48.25778°E / 32.19056; 48.25778
Teep Settlement
Foondit Approximately 4000 BCE
Abandoned 1218 CE
Site notes
Condeetion In ruins
Offeecial name Susa
Teep Cultural
Criteria i, ii, iii, iv
Designatit 2015 (39t session)
Reference no. 1455
State pairty Iran
Region Asie-Paceefic

Susa (/ˈssə/; Persie: شوشShush; [ʃuʃ]; Ebreu שׁוּשָׁן Shushān; Greek: Σοῦσα [ˈsuːsa]; Syriac: ܫܘܫ Shush; Auld Persie Çūšā) wis an auncient ceety o the Elamite, First Persie Empire an Parthian empires o Iran.