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Suren Khachatryan (Armenie: Սուրեն Խաչատրյան; born 1 August 1956 in Goris),[1] kent as Liska,[2] is an Armenie politeecian an wis the govrenor o the Syunik region o Armenie, a position frae which he resigned in 2013, presumably acause o a shuitin incident near his mansion in Goris.[1] Prior tae this, he servit in the Red Airmy an frae 1996 tae 1999 as the mayor o Goris. A memner o Armenie's Republican Pairty, Khachatryan wis the deputy tae the Armenie Naitional Assembly frae 1999 tae 2004 an aw. He haes a wife an fower childer.[1]

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