Supreme Coort o the Unitit Kinrick

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Supreme Coort o the Unitit Kinrick
Supreme court crest (official).svg
Badge of the Supreme Coort
Established 1 October 2009
Kintra Unitit Kinrick
Location Middlesex Guildhall, Lunnon
Composeetion method Appyntit bi the Monarch on advice o the Prime Meenister
Authorised bi Constitutional Reform Act 2005, Part 3[1]
Judge term lenth Life tenur wi mandatory retirement at the age o 70 or 75 dependin on date o appointment
No. o poseetions 12
Currently Laird Neuberger o Abbotsbury
Syne 1 October 2012
Deputy Preses
Currently Baroness Hale o Richmond
Syne 28 Juin 2013

The Supreme Coort o the Unitit Kinrick (Inglis: Supreme Court of the United Kingdom) is the supreme coort in aw maiters unner Inglis an Welsh law, Northren Ireland law an Scots ceevil law.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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