Sulu Sea

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Satellite image o NASA shawin the internal waves furmed in the Sulu Sea

The Sulu Sea is a body o watter in the soothwastren aurie o the Philippines, separatit frae the Sooth Cheenae Sea in the northwast bi Palawan an frae the Celebes Sea in the sootheast bi the Sulu Archipelago. Borneo is foond tae the soothwast an Visayas tae the northeast.

Sulu Sea contains a nummer o islands. The Cuyo Islands an Cagayan Sulu are pairt o the province o Palawan whauras Mapun an the Turtle Islands are pairt o the province o Tawi-Tawi. Sulu Sea is an aa whaur the Tubbataha Reef Naitional Marine Pairk, ane o the Warld Heritage Steids is locatit.[1]

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