Suleiman the Magneeficent

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Suleiman the Magneeficent
Caliph o Islam
Amir al-Mu'minin
Sultan o the Ottoman Empire
Custodian o the Twa Haly Mosques
Suleiman in a portrait attributit tae Titian c.1530
Sultan o the Ottoman Empire
Reign 30 September 1520 – 7 September 1566
Coronation 30 September 1520
Predecessor Selim I
Successor Selim II
Born 6 November 1494(1494-11-06)
Trabzon, Ottoman Empire
Dee'd 7 September 1566 (aged 71)
Szigetvár, Kinrick o Hungary
Buirial Süleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul[1][2]
Consort Hürrem Sultan (legal wife)
Mahidevran Sultan
Gülfem Hatun
Issue Şehzade Mahmud
Şehzade Mustafa
Şehzade Murad
Şehzade Mehmed
Mihrimah Sultan
Şehzade Abdullah
Raziye Sultan
Sultan Selim II
Şehzade Bayezid
Şehzade Cihangir
Ryal hoose Hoose o Osman
Faither Selim I
Mither Ayşe Hafsa Sultan
Releegion Sunni Islam
Tughra Suleiman the Magneeficent's signature

Suleiman I (Ottoman Turkis: سلطان سليمان اول‎‎; [I. Süleyman or Muhteşem Süleyman or Kanunî Sultan Süleyman] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help); 6 November 1494 – 7 September 1566), commonly kent as Suleiman the Magneeficent in the Wast an "Kanuni" (the Lawgiver) in the East, wis the tent an langest-reignin Sultan o the Ottoman Empire, frae 1520 tae his daith in 1566.[3]

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