Sule Stack

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Sule Stack
Sule Stack is locatit in Scotland
Sule Stack
Sule Stack
Sule Stack shawn within Scotland
OS grid referenceHX561179
Coordinates59°01′N 4°31′W / 59.02°N 4.51°W / 59.02; -4.51
Physical geography
Island groupNorth Atlantic
Aurie2.9 ha
Heichest elevation36 m
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Cooncil aurieOrkney

Sule Stack or Stack Skerry is an extremely remote island or stack in the North Atlantic aff the north coast o Scotland. It is formed o Lewisian gneiss.[4]

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Coordinates: 59°01′26″N 4°30′30″W / 59.02382°N 4.50846°W / 59.02382; -4.50846