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Subcompact caur is an American clessification for caurs which is broadly equivalent tae the B-segment (Europe) or supermini (Great Breetain) clessifications, an smawer than a compact caur.

Accordin tae the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) car size class definition, the subcompact category sits atween minicompact an compact categories.[1] The EPA definition o a subcompact is a passenger caur wi a combined interior an cargo volume o atween 85–99 cubic feet (2,410–2,800 L).[2] Current ensaumples o subcompact caurs are the Ford Fiesta an Chevrolet Sonic. The smawer caurs in the A-segment / ceety caur category (sic as the Chevrolet Spark an Smart Fortwo) are whiles cried subcompacts in the U.S., acause the EPA's name for this smawer category— minicompact— is no commonly uised bi the general public.[3]

The prevalence o smaw caurs in the Unitit States increased in the 1960s due tae increased imports o caurs frae Europe an Japan. Widespread uise o the term subcompact coincidit wi the early 1970s increase in subcompact caurs biggit in the Unitit States.

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