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Suan Luang Destrict

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Suan Luang

Ooter perimeter o the shrine tae Mae Nak Phra Khanong at Wat Mahabut.
Ooter perimeter o the shrine tae Mae Nak Phra Khanong at Wat Mahabut.
Khet location in Bangkok
Khet location in Bangkok
Coordinates: 13°43′49″N 100°39′5″E / 13.73028°N 100.65139°E / 13.73028; 100.65139Coordinates: 13°43′49″N 100°39′5″E / 13.73028°N 100.65139°E / 13.73028; 100.65139
Kintra Thailand
SeatSuan Luang
Khet established14 Januar 1994
 • Total23.678 km2 (9.142 sq mi)
 • Total114,940
 • Density4854/km2 (12,570/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (THA)
Postal code10250

Suan Luang (Thai: สวนหลวง; IPA: [sǔan lǔaŋ]) is ane o the 50 destricts (Khet) o Bangkok, Thailand. It is boondit bi ither Bangkok destricts (frae north clockwise): Bang Kapi, Saphan Sung, Prawet, Phra Khanong, an Watthana.


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Suan Luang wis a sub-destrict pairt o Phra Khanong destrict. When Phra Khanong destrict wis split intae smawer destricts in 9 November 1989, Suan Luang became pairt o the new Prawet destrict. On 14 Januar 1994 (based on annooncement 8 October 1993) Suan Luang wis elevatit tae a destrict, merging the aurie ance belang tae Suan Luang sub-destrict wi addeetional laund frae Prawet an Khlong Toei. The combined aurie is still cried Suan Luang sub-destrict, an it is the anerly sub-destrict athin Suan Luang destrict.


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The destrict haes anerly ane sub-destrict (Kwaeng).

1. Suan Luang  สวนหลวง
Hua Mak Railwey Station
  • Wat Maha But is weel kent for its Mae Nak shrine. Numerous feections an films includin Nang Nak wur influencit bi Mae Nak.


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St. Mark's International School Bangkok is locatit in the destrict.[1]


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  1. "Location Archived 2013-05-08 at the Wayback Machine." St. Mark's International School Bangkok. Retrieved on 6 March 2013. "St. Mark's International School 900 New Rama 9 road, Suanluang, Bangkok 10250"

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