Styx (muin)

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Pluto moon P5 discovery with moons' orbits.jpg
Hubble Space Telescope discovery
image o Styx (circled), wi
the ooter muins' orbits depictit.
Relative tae the ither bodies,
Pluto an Charon are shawn
greatly reduced in brichtness.
Discovered bi Showalter, M. R. et al.
Discovery date
  • 26 Juin 2012
  • (verified 7 Julie 2012)
Detection method Photographic
Pronunciation /ˈstɪks/
Named efter Styx
Alternative names P5; S/2012 (134340) 1
Orbital characteristics
Mean orbit radius 42,000 km (26,000 mi)
± 2,000 km (1,200 mi)
Eccentricity ≈ 0
Orbital period 20.2 ± 0.1 days
Inclination ≈ 0
Satellite o Pluto
Pheesical characteristics
Dimensions 10 tae 25 km (5 tae 15 mi, assumed)
Apparent magnitude 27 ± 0.3

Styx is a smaa naitural satellite o Pluto whose discovery wis annoonced on 11 Julie 2012. It is the fift confirmed satellite o Pluto an wis foond approximately ane year efter Kerberos, Pluto's fowert discovered satellite. Styx is estimatit tae hae a diameter o atween 10 an 25 kilometers (6 an 16 mi), an orbital period of 20.2 days.