Stratus clood

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Stratus Clood
Stratus clood
Abbreviation St
Seembol CL 6.png
Genus Stratus (layered)
Altitude Belaw 2,000 m
(Belaw 6,000 ft)
Clessification Faimily C (Law-level)
Appearance horizontal layers
Precipitation clood? Yes, but uisually minor preceepitation such
as drizzle, freezin drizzle or snaw grains[1]

A stratus clood (St) is a clood belangin tae a class characterized bi horizontal layerin wi a uniform base, as opponed tae convective cloods that are as taw or taller than wide (these are termed cumulus cloods). Mair specifically, the term stratus is uised tae describe flat, hazy, featurless cloods o law altitude varyin in color frae dark gray tae nearly white. Stratus cloods mey produce a licht drizzle or snaw. A "cloody day" uisually featurs a sky filled wi stratus cloods obscurin the disk o the sun. These cloods are essentially above-groond fog fairmed either through the liftin o mornin fog or when cauld air moves at law altitudes ower a region. Some cry these cloods "Heich fog" for the fog like clood. For instance, this clood in particular mey mean nae much activity, but rain micht fall.

Fog stratus translucidus

Forecast[eedit | eedit soorce]

A stratus clood can fairm frae stratocumulus spreadin oot unner an inversion indicatin a continuation o prolanged cloody wather wi drizzle for several oors an then an improvement as it breaks intae stratocumulus. Stratus clouds can persist for days in anticyclone condeetions. It is common for a stratus tae fairm on a weak wairm front, rather than the usual nimbostratus. If it is seen efter rain it should clear due tae wairm front succession, but if this daes nae occur the stratus must be pairt o the wairm sector o a frontal seestem; hivy rain mey stairt again wi the arrival o a cauld front efter several oors o stratus.

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