Strang interaction

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In pairticle physics, the strang interaction (cried the strang force, strang nuclear force, nuclear strang force or colour force an aw) is ane o the fower fundamental interactions o naitur, the ithers bein electromagnetism, the waik interaction an gravitation. At atomic scale, it is aboot 100 times stranger than electromagnetism, which in turn is orders o magnitude stranger nor the waik force interaction an gravitation.

The strang interaction is observable in twa auries: on a lairger scale (aboot 1 tae 3 femtometers (fm)), it is the force that binds protons an neutrons (nucleons) thegither tae furm the nucleus o an atom. On the smawer scale (less nor aboot 0.8 fm, the radius o a nucleon), it is the force (carried bi gluons) that haulds quarks thegither tae furm protons, neutrons, an ither hadron pairticles.