Straits o Florida

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Straits o Florida
Florida Straits fae space
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Straits an canauls aroond the Bahamas Islands.
Coordinates24°00′00″N 80°50′00″W / 24.00000°N 80.83333°W / 24.00000; -80.83333Coordinates: 24°00′00″N 80°50′00″W / 24.00000°N 80.83333°W / 24.00000; -80.83333
Max. weenth150 kilometre (93 mi)
Average deepth1,800 metre (5,900 ft)

The Straits o Florida, Florida Straits, or Florida Strait is a strait locatit sooth-sootheast o the North Merican mainland atween the Florida Keys an Cuba. Hit is 93 mi (150 km) wide at the nairaest pynt atween Key Wast an the Cuban shore, an haes been soondit tae a deepth o 1,800 m (6,000 feet). The strait cairies the Florida Birth, the stairt o the Gulf Stream, fae the Gulf o Mexico.