Strait o Tartary

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The Strait o Tartary connects the Sea o Okhostsk tae the Sea o Japan.

Strait o Tartary (Gulf o Tartary, Gulf o Tatary, Tatar Strait, Tartar Strait, Strait o Tartar, an aa Roushie: Татарский пролив, Chinese: 韃靼海峽, Japanese: 間宮海峡, Mamiya Strait) is a strait in the Paceefic Ocean dividin the Roushie island o Sakhalin frae mainland Asie (Sooth-East Roushie), connectin the Sea o Okhotsk on the north wi the Sea o Japan on the sooth.

Coordinates: 52°11′00″N 141°37′00″E / 52.18333°N 141.61667°E / 52.18333; 141.61667