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Zeno o Citium, cast in Pushkin Museum in Moscow frae oreeginal in Naples

Stoicism is a schuil o Hellenistic filosofie foondit in Athens bi Zeno o Citium in the early 3rd century BC. The Stoics tocht that destructive emotions resulted frae errors in judgment, an the active relationship atween cosmic determinism an human freedom, ad the belief that it is virtuous tae maintain a will (cried prohairesis) that is in accord wi naitur. Acause o this, the Stoics presentit thair filosofie as a way o life, an thay thocht that the best indication o an individual's filosofie wis nae what a person said but hou that person behaved.[1] Tae live a guid life, ane haed tae unnerstaund the rules o the naitural order syne thay tocht that everything wis ruitit in naitur.[2]

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