Stirlin Castle

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(Reguidit frae Stirling Castle)
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Stirlin Castle
Stirlin, Scotland
Aerial view of Stirling Castle
Aerial view of Stirling Castle
Aerial view o Stirling Castle
Stirlin Castle is locatit in Stirling
Stirlin Castle
Stirlin Castle
Location within Stirlin cooncil aurie
Coordinatesgrid reference NS789940
56°7′26″N 3°56′56″W / 56.12389°N 3.94889°W / 56.12389; -3.94889Coordinates: 56°7′26″N 3°56′56″W / 56.12389°N 3.94889°W / 56.12389; -3.94889
Site information
OwnerHistoric Scotland
Open tae
the public
Site history
BiggitCastle dates frae at least early 12t century, present biggins maistly biggit atween 1490 an 1600
Biggit biSigneeficant wirks bi James IV, James V, an James VI
In useStill in uise the day
Battles/warsSieges an occupations during the Wars o Scots Unthirldom (1296–1357); sieges in 1651, 1746
Garrison information
James Erskine, 14th Earl o Mar
Hereditary office o the Earls o Mar

Stirlin Castle, locatit in Stirlin, is ane o the lairgest an maist important castles, baith historically an airchitecturally, in Scotland. The castle sits atap Castle Hill, an intrusive craig, which forms pairt o the Stirlin Sill geological formation.