Stewart Hillis

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Stewart Hillis
BornWilliam Stewart Hillis
28 September 1943
Clydebank, Scotland
Died21 Julie 2014
Glesga, Scotland
EddicationVarsity o Glesga
Thriftprofessor o cardiology an exercise medicine
Kent fordoctor for Scotland naitional fitbaw team
Medical career
InstitutionsWestern Infirmary
Varsity o Glesga
Scottish Football Association

William Stewart Hillis OBE (28 September 1943 − 21 Julie 2014), wis a Scots physeecian that held a professorship in cardiology an exercise medicine. He wis doctor for the Scotland naitional fitbaw team for 228 full internaitional matches, pairt o his involvement wi fitbaw that spanned mair nor 40 year in his medical career. He wis vice-chairman o the UEFA medical committee an medical advisor tae FIFA.