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Emperor o the Byzantine Empire
Solidus-Nicephorus I and Staraucius-sb1604.jpg
Staurakios (richt) on a coin issued bi his faither Nikephoros I (left)
RingJulie 26, 811 – October 2, 811.
PredecessorNikephoros I
SuccessorMichael I
Dee'dJanuar 11, 812
FaitherNikephoros I

Staurakios or Stauracius (Greek: Σταυράκιος; died Januar 11, 812) wis Byzantine Emperor frae Julie 26 tae October 2, 811 in succession tae his faither, Nikephoros I, who haed fallen at the Battle o Pliska. His rule wis cut short bi a severe woond suffered in the same battle, an he wis forced intae retirement in a monastery bi his brither-in-law, Michael I Rangabe, whaur he died suin efter.