Stanford Varsity

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Stanford Varsity
Leland Stanford Junior Varsity
Stanford University seal 2003.svg
Motto Die Luft der Freiheit weht
Motto in Inglis
The wind o freedom blows[1]
Established 1891 (1891)[2][3]
Type Private
Endowment $22.398 billion (2016)[4]
Preses Marc Tessier-Lavigne
Provost Persis Drell
Academic staff
Admeenistrative staff
11,128[6] excluding SHC
Students 15,877
Unnergraduates 6,980[7]
Postgraduates 8,897[7]
Location Stanford, California, U.S.
Campus Suburban, 8,180 acres (12.8 sq mi; 33.1 km2)[7]
Colors Cardinal an white
Nickname Cardinal
Mascot none, (the Stanford Tree is the mascot o the Band but nae the varsity)
Sporting affiliations
NCAA Division I FBSPac-12
Stanford wordmark (2012).svg
Stanford is located in United States
Location in the Unitit States
Stanford is located in Californie
Location in Californie

Stanford Varsity (Inglis: Stanford University), offeecially Leland Stanford Junior Varsity (Inglis: Leland Stanford Junior University),[8] is a private research varsity in Stanford, Californie, adjacent tae Palo Alto an atween San Jose an San Francisco. Its 8,180-acre (12.8 sq mi; 33.1 km2)[9] campus is ane o the lairgest in the Unitit States.[note 1] Stanford an aa haes land an facilities elsewhaur.[7][9]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. It is eften statit that Stanford haes the lairgest contiguous campus in the warld (or the Unitit States)[10][11] but that depends on definitions. Berry College wi ower 26,000 acres (40.6 sq mi; 105.2 km2), Paul Smith's College wi 14,200 acres (22.2 sq mi; 57.5 km2), an the Unitit States Air Force Academy wi 18,500 acres (7,500 ha) are lairger but are nae uisually clessifee'd as varsities. Duke Varsity at 8,610 acres (13.5 sq mi; 34.8 km2) daes hae mair laund, but it isna contiguous. Houever the University of the South haes ower 13,000 acres (20.3 sq mi; 52.6 km2).

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Coordinates: 37°26′N 122°10′W / 37.43°N 122.17°W / 37.43; -122.17