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The Standard Fourteen is a five seater family caur produced bi the Breetish Standard Motor Company frae 1937 tae 1939. It wis sometimes cawed the Standard Flying Fourteen because it represented a move away frae the vera perpendicular leuk o mony caurs at the stairt o the 1930s tae a mair streamlined leuk that Standard, in common wi a number o manufacturers in Ingland an Fraunce, unnerwent towards the end o the decade.

The 1,776 cc Standard ingine an transmission wur an aa uised in the Jaguar 1½ Litre (retrospectively kent as the Jaguar Mk IV).

Press reports praised the economy, smooth runnin, roominess an finish o the caur. Luggage wis relegatit tae an external foldin bumper carrier, which at the time wis no unusual. [1]

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