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Stagecoach Group plc
Public company
Treddit as LSESGC
Grey MarketSAGKF
Foondit 1980
Heidquarters Pairth, Scotland, UK
Aurie served
Unitit Kinrick, Unitit States, Canadae
Key fowk
Sir Brian Souter, Chairman
Martin Griffiths, Chief Executive
Products Local an express bus service, intercity bus service, franchise rail an tram service, sichtseein services
Revenue Increase £3,204.4 million (Aprile 2015)[1]
Increase £227.1 million (Aprile 2015)[1]
Increase £139.5 million (Aprile 2015)[1]
Nummer o employees
36,809 (Aprile 2015)[1]

Stagecoach Group plc (LSESGC) is an internaitional transport group operatin buses, trains, trams an express coaches.

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