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Stade de France
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Full name Stade de France
Location ZAC du Cornillon Nord
93216 Saint Denis, Fraunce
Coordinates 48°55′28″N 2°21′36″E / 48.92444°N 2.36000°E / 48.92444; 2.36000Coordinates: 48°55′28″N 2°21′36″E / 48.92444°N 2.36000°E / 48.92444; 2.36000
Public transit Saint-Denis – Porte de Paris (Paris Métro)
Stade de France – Saint-Denis (Paris RER)
La Plaine – Stade de France (Paris RER)
Awner Consortium Stade de France
Operator Consortium Stade de France
Executive suites 172
Capacity 81,338[1]
Field size 119 x 75 m
Surface Desso GrassMaster
Biggit 2 Mey 1995
Appent 28 Januar 1998
Construction cost €290 million
Airchitect Michel Macary
Aymeric Zublena
Michel Regembal
Claude Constantini
Fraunce naitional fitbaw team
Fraunce naitional rugby union team
Stade Français (some gemmes)
Racing Métro 92 (some gemmes)

The Stade de France (French pronunciation: ​[stad də fʁɑ̃s]) is the naitional stadium o France, situatit just north o Paris in the commune o Saint-Denis.

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