St Paul's Cathedral

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St Paul's
Cathedral Kirk o St Paul the Apostle
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51°30′49″N 0°05′53″W / 51.513611°N 0.098056°W / 51.513611; -0.098056Coordinates: 51°30′49″N 0°05′53″W / 51.513611°N 0.098056°W / 51.513611; -0.098056
Location Ceety o Lunnon
Kintra Unitit Kinrick
Denomination Kirk o Ingland
Consecratit 1697
Previous cathedrals 4
Airchitect(s) Sir Christopher Wren
Style Inglis Baroque
Years biggit 1675–1710
Lenth 518ft (158m)
Nave width 121ft (37m)
Width across transepts 246ft (75m)
Hicht 365ft (111m)
Dome hicht (outer) 278ft (85m)
Dome hicht (inner) 225ft (68m)
Dome diameter (outer) 112ft (34m)
Dome diameter (inner) 102ft (31m)
Nummer o touers 2
Touer hicht 221ft (67m)
Diocese Lunnon (since 604)
Province Canterbury
Bishop(s) Richard Chartres
Dean David Ison
Precentor Michael Hampel
Canon Chancellor Mark Oakley
Canon Pastor Tricia Hillas
Canon Treasurer Philippa Boardman
Director o muisic Andrew Carwood

St Paul's Cathedral, Lunnon, is an Anglican cathedral, the seat o the Bishop o Lunnon an the mither kirk of the Diocese o Lunnon.