St Magnus Cathedral

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St Magnus Cathedral
St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall, viewed from the Bishop's Palace.jpg
Location Kirkwa, Orkney Islands
Kintra Scotland
Denomination Kirk o Scotland
Foondit 1137
Foonder(s) Yerl Rögnvald
Dedication Saunt Magnus
Nummer o touers 1
Nummer o spires 1
Materials Saundstane
Meenister(s) The Revd Fraser MacNaughton

St. Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwa dominates the skyline o Kirkwa, the main toun o Orkney, a group o islands off the north coast o mainland Scotland.

Coordinates: 58°58′56″N 2°57′32″W / 58.98222°N 2.95889°W / 58.98222; -2.95889