St Giles' Cathedral

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St Giles' Cathedral
Heich Kirk o Edinburgh
St Giles Cathedral - 01.jpg
St Giles, west façade
St Giles' Cathedral is locatit in Edinburgh ceety centre
St Giles' Cathedral
St Giles' Cathedral
Location o St Giles' within central Edinburgh
Coordinates: 55°56′58″N 3°11′27″W / 55.94944°N 3.19083°W / 55.94944; -3.19083
Location Ryal Mile, Edinburgh
Kintra Scotland
Denomination Kirk o Scotland
Previous denomination Roman Catholic
Foondit 12t century
Dedication Saunt Giles
Past bishop(s) Bishop o Edinburgh
Status Pairish kirk
Functional status Active
Heritage designation Category A leetit biggin
Designatit 14 December 1970
Presbytery Edinburgh
Meenister(s) Reverend Calum MacLeod

St Giles' Cathedral, an aa kent as the Heich Kirk o Edinburgh,[1] is the principal place o worship o the Kirk o Scotland in Edinburgh.

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