St. Peter's Basilica

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  • Papal Basilica o St. Peter
  • Basilica Papale di San Pietro in Vaticano  (Italian)
  • Basilica Sancti Petri  (Laitin)
Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano September 2015-1a.jpg
Main facade of St. Peter's Basilica
Ecclesiastical or organisational statusMajor basilica
Year consecratit18 November 1626
LocationVatican Ceety
St. Peter's Basilica is locatit in Vatican Ceety
St. Peter's Basilica
Location on a cairt o Vatican Ceety
Geografic coordinates41°54′08″N 12°27′12″E / 41.90222°N 12.45333°E / 41.90222; 12.45333Coordinates: 41°54′08″N 12°27′12″E / 41.90222°N 12.45333°E / 41.90222; 12.45333
StyleRenaissance an Baroque
Grundbrakin18 Apryle 1506 (1506-04-18)
Completit18 November 1626 (1626-11-18)
Lenth730 feet (220 m)
Weenth500 feet (150 m)
Hicht (max)448.1 feet (136.6 m)[1]
Dome dia. (ooter)137.7 feet (42.0 m)
Dome dia. (inner)136.1 feet (41.5 m)

The Papal Basilica o St. Peter in the Vatican, or simply St. Peter's Basilica (Laitin: Basilica Sancti Petri; Italian: Basilica Papale di San Pietro in Vaticano), is an Italian Renaissance kirk locatit in Vatican Ceety, the papal enclave within the ceety o Roum.

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