Squash (sport)

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Squash (sport)
Squash court.JPG
Twa squash players on a squash coort.
Heichest govrenin bodyWarld Squash Federation
First playedc. 1830
Registered playersYes
Team membersSingles or doubles or triples or quadruples
Mixed genderYes, separate competitions
CategorizationRacquet sport
EquipmentSquash baw, squash racquet
VenueInduir or outduir (wi glass coort)
OlympicNo, but is recognized as a possible futur Olympic sport
Kintra or regionWarldwide

Squash is a racquet sport played bi twa (singles) or fower players (doubles) in a fower-walled court wi a smaa, hollow rubber baw. The players must alternate in strikin the baw wi thair racquet an hit the baw ontae the playable surfaces o the fower waws o the coort.