Sportivo Luqueño

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Sportivo Luqueño
Luqueño Emblem
Full nameClub Sportivo Luqueño
Foondit1 Mey 1921
GroundEstadio Feliciano Cáceres
Luque, Paraguay
Ground Capacity24,000
ChairmanParaguay Ramón González Daher
ManagerUruguay Eduardo Rivera
LeagueParaguayan Primera División
2013 Clausura7th

Club Sportivo Luqueño is a Paraguayan fitbaw club, based in the ceety o Luque on the ootskirts o the caipital Asunción. The club haes wan three Paraguayan championship titles.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The club wis foondit in 1921 when three teams frae the ceety o Luque (Marte Atlético, General Aquino an Vencedor) decidit tae merge an fuirm ane single club: Sportivo Luqueño. Anerly three years efter its foondation, the team wis awready playin in the first diveesion an fechtin for the title. So far, Sportivo Luqueño haes wan three first diveesion titles in the Paraguayan league, in 1951, 1953 an 2007.

For the 1999 Copa América, hostit bi Paraguay, the club built a brand new stadium which seats 25,000, makkin it the third lairgest in Paraguay (efter the Defensores del Chaco in Asunción an the Estadio Antonio Oddone Sarubbi in Ciudad del Este).

The fans o the club are vera passionate an that can be seen when visitin the ceety o Luque, whaur basically iverything is decoratit bi the club's colors (blue an yellae).

Honours[eedit | eedit soorce]

1951, 1953, 2007
1924, 1956, 1964, 1968

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