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Speed skeitchin

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Speed skeitchin
Heichest govrenin bodyInternaitional Skatin Union
Mixed genderYes

Speed skeitchin, or speedskeitchin, is a competitive furm o ice skeitchin in which the competitors race ilk ither in travelin a certaint distance on skeitchs. Types o speed skeitchin are long track speed skeitchin, short track speed skeitchin, an marathon speed skeitchin. In the Olympic Gemmes, lang-track speed skeitchin is uisually referred tae as juist "speed skeitchin", while short-track speed skeitchin is kent as "short track".[1] The ISU, the govrenin body o baith ice sports, refers tae lang track as "speed skeitchin" an short track as "short track skeitchin".

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