Spaingie Airmed Forces

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Spaingie Airmed Forces
Fuerzas Armadas Españolas
Emblem of the Spanish Armed Forces.svg
Spaingie Airmed Forces Badge
HeidquartersMadrid, Spain
Commander-in-ChiefCapitán General King Felipe VI
Prime MeenisterPedro Sánchez
Meenister o DefenceMargarita Robles
Chief o the Defence StaffGeneral Fernando Alejandre Martínez[1]
Militar age18
Active personnel120,350 (2018)[2]
75,800 Civil Guards (only in wartime) (2018)[2]
Reserve personnel15,150 (2018)[2]
Budget€12.7 billion / $15.1 billion (2018)[2]
Percent o GDP1.0% (2018)[2]
Domestic suppliersAirbus, Santa Bárbara, Navantia, Indra, Gamesa, Abengoa
Foreign suppliers Unitit States
Annual exports€ 4.174 billion [3] (2010)
Relatit airticles
HistoryMilitar history o Spain
RanksMilitar ranks o Spain

The Spaingie Airmed Forces are in chairge o guaranteein the sovereignty an unthirldom o Spain, defender o its territorial integrity an the consteetutional order, accordin tae the functions entrustit in the Consteetution o 1978. These are formations bi: the Airmy, the Air Force, the Spaingie Armada, the Ryal Gaird an the Militar Emergency Unit, as weel as the so-cried Common Corps.

Spain is ane o the maist important naitions o the European Union (EUFOR) an Eurocorps. It awso occupies a prominent poseetion in the structure o the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which it jyned in 1982. It awso haes the auldest Marine Corps in the warld an the auldest permanent militar units in the warld: the Keeng's Immemorial Infantry Regiment No. 1 an the "Soria" Light Infantry Regiment No. 9.

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