Soviet Census (1989)

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The 1989 Soviet census, conductit atween Januar 12-19 o that year, wis the last ane that teuk place in the umwhile USSR. The census foond the tot population tae be 286,730,819 indwallers.[1]

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  1. This is the total "de facto" population (nalichnoye naseleniye – наличное население); the "permanent" population (postoyannoye naseleniye – постоянное население) was about 1 million persons fewer. Over time, the State Statistics Committee changed its method of reporting population totals in censuses. In the 1959 and 1970 censuses, it used the permanent population; in 1979 and 1989 it used the de facto or present population. See Barbara A. Anderson and Brian D. Silver, "'Permanent' and 'Present' Populations in Soviet Statistics," Soviet Studies, Vol. 37, pp. 386-402, July 1985.