South Wentworthville

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South Wentworthville
SydneyNew Sooth Wales
Postcode(s) 2145
Location 28 km (17 mi) west of Sydney CBD
LGA(s) City of Holroyd
State electorate(s) Parramatta
Federal Diveesion(s) Parramatta, McMahon
Suburbs around South Wentworthville:
Wentworthville Wentworthville Westmead
Greystanes South Wentworthville Merrylands West
Greystanes Merrylands West Merrylands West

South Wentworthville is a suburb o Sydney, in the state o New Sooth Wales, Australie. South Wentworthville is locatit 28 kilometres wast o the Sydney central business destrict, in the local govrenment aurie o the City of Holroyd an is pairt o the Greater Western Sydney region. South Wentworthville is a extension o Wentworthville.

Rick Springfield wis born in South Wentworthville.

Channel Seven newsreader, Chris Bath, grew up in the suburb an wirkit at nearbi Kmart Merrylands.

Coordinates: 33°49′24″S 150°57′55″E / 33.82344°S 150.96541°E / -33.82344; 150.96541 Template:Sydney Holroyd suburbs