Soothren Cone

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Soothren Cone
Aurie4,944,081 square kilometre (1,908,920 sq mi)
Population135,707,204 (July 2010 est.)
Densitie27.45/km2 (71.1/sq mi)[1]
Kintras3, 4 or 5
DemonymSooth Americane
LanguagesSpaingie, Portuguese, Italian, an mony ithers
Brazil São Paulo
Argentinae Buenos Aires
Chile Santiago
Brazil Porto Alegre
Brazil Curitiba
Uruguay Montevideo
Paraguay Asunción

Soothren Cone (Spaingie: Cono Sur, Portuguese: Cone Sul) is a geografhic region composed o the soothmaist auries o Sooth Americae, sooth o the Tropic o Capricorn. Awtho geografically this includes Sooth an pairt o Southeast (São Paulo) o Brazil, in terms o poleetical geografie the Soothren cone haes tradeetionally comprised Argentinae, Chile, Paraguay, an Uruguay. In the narraeest sense, it anerlie covers Argentina, Chile an Uruguay, boondit on the north bi the states o Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivie an Peru, on the wast bi the Paceefic Ocean, an sooth tae the junction atween the Paceefic an Atlantic Oceans, which it is the closest continental aurie o Antarcticae (1000 km).[2]

Heich life expectancy, the heichest Human Development Index o Laitin Americae, heich Staundart o livin, significant pairticipation in the global mercats an the emergin economy[3] o its members mak the Soothren Cone the maist prosperous macro-region in Sooth Americae.[2][4][5]

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