Sonic Unleashed

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Sonic Unleashed
Sonic unleashed boxart.jpg
European box airt.
Developer(s)Sonic Team[1]
Director(s)Yoshihisa Hashimoto
Producer(s)Akinori Nishiyama
Airtist(s)Sachiko Kawamura
Writer(s)Kiyoko Yoshimura
Componer(s)Tomoya Ohtani
Fumie Kumatani
Kenichi Tokoi
Hideaki Kobayashi
Takahito Eguchi
SeriesSonic the Hedgehog
IngineHedgehog Engine (PS3, X360)
Platform(s)PlayStation 2, Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3[2]
Mobile phones[3]
Genre(s)Platformer, Action-Adventur, Beat 'em up

Sonic Unleashed, released as Sonic World Adventure (Japanese: ソニックワールドアドベンチャー, Hepburn: Sonikku Wārudo Adobenchā) in Japan,[9] is a 2008 video gemme in the Sonic the Hedgehog series developed bi Sonic Team[1] an published bi Sega for multiple platforms in 2008.

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