Songhai Empire

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c. 1464–1591
The territorial extent o the Songhai Empire in c. 1500.
The territorial extent o the Songhai Empire in c. 1500.
Common leidsSonghai
Dia (Keeng) 
• 1464–1492
Sunni Ali
• 1492–1493
Sonni Bāru
• 1493–1528
Askia the Great
• 1529–1531
Askia Musa
• 1531–1537
Askia Benkan
• 1537–1539
Askiya Ismail
• 1539–1549
Askia Ishaq I
• 1549–1582/1583
Askia Daoud
• 1588–1592
Askia Ishaq II
Historical eraPostclessical Era
• Songhai state emerges at Gao
c. 1000
• unthirldom frae Mali Empire
c. 1430
• Sunni Dynasty begins
• Askiya Dynasty begins
• Songhai Empire faws
• Dendi Kinrick continues
1500[2]1,400,000 km2 (540,000 sq mi)
1550[3]800,000 km2 (310,000 sq mi)
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Mali Empire
Gao Empire
Saadi dynasty
Pashalik o Timbuktu
Dendi Kinrick
The day pairt o Benin
 Burkina Faso
 The Gambie

The Songhai Empire (an aa transleeteratit as Songhay) wis a state that dominatit the wasrten Sahel in the 15t an 16t century. At its peak, it wis ane o the lairgest states in African history. The state is kent bi its historiografical name, derived frae its leadin ethnic group an rulin elite, the Songhai.

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