Solar eclipse o 21 August 2017

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Solar eclipse o August 21, 2017
Teep o eclipse
Maximum eclipse
Duration160 sec (2 m 40 s)
Coordinates37°00′N 87°42′W / 37°N 87.7°W / 37; -87.7
Max. weenth o baund115 km (71 mi)
Times (UTC)
(P1) Pairtial begin15:46:48
(U1) Tot begin16:48:32
Greatest eclipse18:26:40
(U4) Tot end20:01:35
(P4) Pairtial end21:04:19
Saros145 (22 of 77)
Catalog # (SE5000)9546

On Monday, August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse wis veesible athin a baund athort the entire contiguous Unitit States, passin frae the Paceefic tae the Atlantic coast. In ither kintras it wis anerly veesible as a pairtial eclipse.[1][2]

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