Solar eclipse o 20 Mairch 2015

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Solar eclipse o Mairch 20, 2015
Total solar eclipse of March 20, 2015 by Damien Deltenre (licensed for free use). (32844461616).jpg
Teep o eclipse
Maximum eclipse
Duration167 sec (2 m 47 s)
Coordinates64°24′N 6°36′W / 64.4°N 6.6°W / 64.4; -6.6
Max. weenth o baund463 km (288 mi)
Times (UTC)
Greatest eclipse9:46:47
Saros120 (61 of 71)
Catalog # (SE5000)9541

A tot solar eclipse occurred on Mairch 20, 2015. A solar eclipse occurs when the Muin passes atween Yird an the Sun, tharebi totally or pairtly obscurin the image o the Sun for a viewer on Yird. A tot solar eclipse occurs when the Muin's apparent diameter is larger than the Sun's, blockin aw direct sunlicht, turnin day intae darkness. Totality occurs in a narrae path athort Yird's surface, wi the pairtial solar eclipse veesible ower a surroondin region thoosands o kilometres wide.

It haed a magnitude o 1.045. The langest duration o totality wis 2 minutes an 47 seconds off the coast o the Faroe Islands. It is the last tot solar eclipse veesible in Europe till the eclipse o August 12, 2026.[1]

The anly populatit places reachable bi public laund travel frae which the totality could be seen wur the Faroe Islands an Svalbard.[2]

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