Socialist Pairty (Fraunce)

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Socialist Pairty
Parti socialiste
First SecretarHarlem Désir
Foondit1969 (1969)
Precedit biSFIO
Heidquarters10, rue de Solférino
75333 Paris Cedex 07
Youth weengYoung Socialist Movement
Membership  (2012)170,000
IdeologySocial democracy,[1]
Democratic socialism,
Third Way
Poleetical poseetionCentre-left
Internaitional affiliationSocialist Internaitional,
Progressive Alliance
European affiliationPairty o European Socialists
European Pairlament groupProgressive Alliance o Socialists an Democrats
ColoursReid, pink
Naitional Assembly
25 / 577
73 / 348
European Pairlament
2 / 74
Regional Cooncils
5 / 17
Depairtmental Cooncils
27 / 101

The Socialist Pairty (French: Parti socialiste [paʁti sɔsjaˈlist], PS) is a social democratic[1][2][3][4][5][6] poleetical pairty in Fraunce, an the lairgest pairty o the French centre-left.

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